About Justina

I am Justina Sade, I’m a fabulous queer black kinky feminist mother. (Yes, it’s exhausting.) I am a low key life coach and as far as everyone else knows digital marketer in the arts whose hobbies including being a hilarious master researcher, communicator, planner, and culture vulture.

I’m here, because after asking my heart, what is my unique contribution to the world, as most millennials of a certain kind end up asking, I realized after some time out to observe myself, it’s just how I already am! It’s how I think and how I look at the world. It’s who I was before I knew what the word for it was, it’s what makes me sweat, what makes me loud, what makes me care, and go past the point of what is necessary. It’s Black Queer Feminist PRACTICES. Yes, all the terms are necessary.  It’s analysis of power and culture. It’s helping people understand the world radically differently from one second to the next.  And most importantly it’s about making all those things FUN and easy to understand and use. Let’s get to it!

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